Impotence- Heart disease on the cards

Matters of the heart have always been our dearest possession. Be it an emotional equation of love or the cardio factor, heart has always played a pivotal role in our lives. All the lucky people on earth who have been in love go weak on their knees when it comes to matters of the heart, but there are millions of men in this world who faces a heart-break everyday when they feel their love stray away from their lives as they face the bigger truth of their sexual health - erectile dysfunction or E.D. These men are embarrassed to share their state of heart and live in constant fear of rejection by their partners. But you must remember that impotence as it is commonly called is a medical condition and has to be treated like any other disease.

Male impotence is either a physical, psychological or lifestyle effect which makes a man sexually incompetent to satisfy his needs or that of his partner. The most common factor is the hardening of penile arteries which restrict the flow of blood to the penis, thus preventing the affected men to achieve or maintain an erection necessary for sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction can only be confirmed when this condition prevails consistently over a period of time. Recently, there has been an alarming report connecting this sexual dysfunction in men's health to the lifeline of health - the heart.

Scientists warned that impotence may be an early sign of heart disease. Just as impotence is often caused by the clogging-up of arteries leading to the penis, scientists said that four out of ten men with the condition also had badly blocked veins and arteries which put them at higher risk of cardiac disease. Reports claim that the narrowed down penile arteries become blocked earlier than the wider arteries around the heat, giving prior warning of cardiac illness. Impotence according to the study has evolved as a better indicator of heart disease than established risk factors such as genetic, cholesterol levels or high blood pressure. It has also been found that 43 percent of impotent men were at high risk of heart disease.

Erectile dysfunction is not an untreatable condition anymore. Among the many prevalent treatments conducted over the years, oral medication has been voted the most convenient and effective mode of treatment. There are several ED drugs available in the market but no drug has achieved the trust of its consumers as a performance enhancer as has the prescription ED drug Cialis in a short span. Its success story is spiced up by its active component Tadalafil which relaxes smooth muscle cells and allows increased blood flow into the penis on sexual arousal. Moreover, Cialis works faster in about 16 minutes of its intake and lasts as long as 36 hours, igniting your passion, rekindling old romances and making love a matter of the heart, forget impotence.

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