How To Sweep A Woman Off Her Feet

As much as you probably hate to hear it, guys, if you want to sweep her off her feet, the best cool guys guide to romance is found in a chick flick. You may cringe when we say that, and you may hate the idea of hearts and flowers, but if you want to really sweep her off her feet, these are the best guides to romance for guys.

Women want to feel special. They want to feel singled out, and they must know that you think of them as your one and only. If you're thinking monogamy, spell it out. If you're thinking "I love you" don't expect that because you return to her every night, that you bring her your paycheck, and all the other mundane day to day things you do because you're supposed to, are going to sweep her off her feet. The best guide to romance we can offer is to do the unexpected, the warm, the tender, and the sweet. Be spontaneous. Be one of those guys on the chick flicks that always get the girl in the end.

Here are some specific romance guide things you cool guys can do to sweep her off her feet.

Remember the old adage "it's the thought that counts". That doesn't mean you have license to have "planned to get something for her birthday", but other things got in the way. It means that if the dinner you cooked her didn't turn out so great, or the size peignoir you bought was wrong, it's still okay. Because you were thoughtful enough to do it.

I had a friend who left her long time partner. To folks on the outside he seemed loving and devoted and giving. He always remembered occasions and bought her nice things. The problem? He didn't buy her things she wanted. Instead he bought her things that he wanted her to want. Sometimes he gave her the money to go pick out something she wanted, or took her to the store to pick put the present she wanted. To some this might seem considerate. To my friend the first seemed controlling. The latter seemed that she wasn't important enough for him to take the time to choose something for her on his own and take the time to have it wrapped. It didn't sweep her off her feet. It was far from the cool guys guide to romance.

You can sweep her off her feet by making something for her. This is one of the coolest things that cool guys can do to romance the woman they love. It doesn't have to be perfect or costly. I calendar with pictures of the two of you together - or a photo album of your favorite moments together. All of these thoughtfully designed things can really sweep her off her feet. These are some of your best tips to enhance your dating and romance.

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