How To Deal With Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Waiting for a child is one of the most amazing things in life. Unfortunately it does come with its problems. Even if you have never had a yeast infection the hormonal changes during that period is often more than enough to have a yeast infection pregnancy.

As I wrote earlier the hormonal changes during this period plays a major role. These changes are so drastic that it can create an imbalance in the womans body therefore leading the yeast to produce Candida Albicans bacteria.

You see Candida Albicans bacteria needs dark places which are moist and humid to survive. So knowing that you can clearly see why the vagina is one of the best places for a yeast infection to occur. Yeast infections are also known to occur in the mouth, the armpit and between the toes.

The major point that makes the yeast infections pregnancy a good state of being for the Candida Albicans bacteria to develop is this: Under normal condition the bacteria lives in the vagina in small group numbers. But due to the hormonal changes during the pregnancy these small numbers can grow exponentially overthrowing the good bacteria.

Another important factor is that during the pregnancy the immune system of the woman is weakened to allow the foetus to grow unharmed within the womb. As a side effect yeast infection symptoms can occur and sometimes more than once.

If you suffer from yeast infections pregnancy recurring symptoms then you might consider having a doctor check it out.

Another important fact to be aware of if you suffer from yeast infection pregnancy is you sexual partner. Most of the time you can get your partner infected and then get it again if does not treat it. So always make sure you treat yourself and your partner if you suspect him to be infected too.

VERY IMPORTANT: Concerning yeast infections pregnancy treatments. You should always consult before using any treatment. You need to make sure the treatment poses no treat to the development of the foetus or wont cause you to go into premature labour. This is also true for natural or herbal remedies even subscription.

If you are near term and intend to breast feed you should follow your yeast infection pregnancy very closely. You see Breast feeding also takes its toll on your hormonal system. The solution would be to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent your yeast infection pregnancy to continue past your pregnancy.

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