Home Based Business – Illusion? Does it really work?

Million dollar question. There are billions of sites registered in search engines for the keyword Home Based Business. Everyday, millions of surfers are searching for home based business on net. I believe that despite a very few percentage, all of them, including the website publishers, have the same question in mind.

I am not an expert or a guru to comment. I do not really know the ways of fast and easy money that some people claims to have already discovered but what I believe in is, if you learn any trade religiously, if you have passion behind your work - your hard work is not going to let you down.

There are lots of ground works to do before you actually start a business. You first need to know if a particular business suits your intelligence. You then should make a project report and survey the market for the particular business. Opinions from experts are always helpful. Do not ever jump into a business as because someone else seems to be making lots of money in it. Most of the home-based entrepreneurs do not follow these guidelines and finally keep asking themselves, "is it an illusion?"

Let me share my experience. It was almost 12 years back when I first started to look for home based business. I was very new to web world and not as smart as a modern day kid. To me, it was like in Hollywood where every other actress looks more beautiful and gorgeous. I could not resist myself and hooked to several programs hoping to start earning the next day. I almost forgot breathing and kept working several hours a day. It did not work because I did not do the basic learning. Hard work alone cant bring success. You cant copy other persons success. You need to innovate ideas to outperform.

The question "does it really works" actually came to my mind too but I never loosen my heart. Leaving aside all the programs, I started from the scratch. I read lots of e-books written by gurus and tried out all the ways I came to know about. Once I discovered what worked, I added my own original ideas and perfected the process.

So, if I have to answer this question today, I would say yes, it works but not for those who are looking for fast and easy money on net. Do learn before you are into it. Do not get impressed by the testimonials and bank statements you would often come across on websites because the business may not be of your kind. To choose a right home based business is the toughest job. If you are looking for free programs, I advise to stay away. If you are unwilling to invest money to start your own home based business, you dont need a business, you need a job.

If you follow these basic guidelines, if your lady luck keeps smiling on you, there is nothing that can stop you to be a successful home based business entrepreneur.

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