Help Your Pet with Dog & Cat Stairs

Pet stairs or dog stairs, as they are often referred to, are a great way to help your pet get on and off furniture. They can be used for both large and small dogs, as well as young and old dogs. Pet stairs can be used for a variety of reasons.

There are many benefits to purchasing dog stairs. The most obvious reason is that it helps to reduce the amount of jumping your dog does. This is great for older dogs that may suffer from arthritis and have some difficulty getting on and off of things. Or perhaps your dog is recovering from an injury and you do not want him jumping up on the bed. Many larger dogs suffer from hip dysplasia. Dog stairs will help to ease their pain and suffering by reducing the risk of further injuring themselves. Dog stairs can help to promote healing by lowering the risk of re-injury.

Even the healthiest dogs are subject to spinal or joint injuries from jumping up and down. Many breeds with short legs, long spines, sensitive joints or bones or those who are overweight are at a higher risk for injuries. The dog steps help to cushion the impact associated with jumping up and down from beds, furniture, etc.

The dog steps are great for pet owners. They eliminate the need for you to constantly lift your dog on and off of things. If you have some type of physical limitation yourself, you will really appreciate dog stairs. Dog stairs are easy to move around. They are lightweight and most are easy to store and assemble.

They come in various sizes to accommodate the special needs of your dog. Many dog steps are equipped with non-skid pads that help the stairs to not slide or scratch floors.

With the versatility of dog stairs, they are a must have for anyone who owns a dog. No matter what type of dog you have, you will benefit from purchasing a set of dog stairs. Even healthy, young dogs can use pet stairs. So whether you have a large, older dog or a small healthy dog, pet steps are a great investment.

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