Gunners Flaunting The LG Shine!


Electronic giants LG have come up with a rather imaginative strategy to market

their latest premium phone in the Black Label series. Branded the LG Shine

(real name being a tedious LG KE970) this sizzling handset has been gifted to

all the players of the Arsenal Football clubs first team squad.

All these

LG Shine handsets are personalised for each and every player as their names are

engraved on their respective handsets. This is a classic case of brand building

through popular commercial media and for Brits it cant get bigger than these

stars shining in the galaxy of EPL. Well Im nobody to comment on the

capabilities of Henry & Co. as despite their recent indifferent form they

have proved their ability to succeed and charm everybody on and off the field.

But about the mobile phone in spotlight, the sparkling LG Shine, I can surely

comment & criticise.

The handset

is the latest to hit the European markets after driving the mobile phone users

in Korea

nuts in its CDMA avatar. The manufacturers expect the LG KE970 to shine with

its amazing looks and mind boggling specifications. As far as I can see it will

succeed as the LG Shine has got all the ingredients right which are required to

excel in the highly competitive European mobile phone market.

It has a

highly attractive and sleek body that is full of attractive specifications. The

2.2" mirror display of the LG Shine is worth 240x320 pixels and is a nice

platform for the integrated 2 megapixels camera to show its magic. Powered by

Schneider Kreuznach lens this camera is as good as any digital mobile phone

camera as these are the very lenses that are used in Kodak cameras.


Tri-Band GSM compatibility, the LG Shine supports EDGE data transfer standards

and integrates a Bluetooth device for local file mobility. It has a fine music

player that supports multiple file formats and adds to the chutzpah of the

impressive handset. The underlining fact being that this highly usable handset

has been marketed in a perfect manner by gifting Arsenal player these handsets.

These players almost have cult status amongst their fan base spread all across

the world and this move is going to pay rich dividends to the manufacturers LG.

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