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Texas people's four-dimensional Weimaret make good, will be started next week

Houstown Dezhou people ushered in the first season of the team in Beijing time, and finally took 49 people visiting San Francisco at 23:10. Since the break, Texas has always trapped in the debate of "who is the first quarter-off" problem, and this game has not given a clear answer to the Texas Coach Bill O'Brien (BRIEN). Because the two quarters of the team, BRIAN HOYER, and Ryan Mallett showed an excellent competitive state.

This game Texas appointed Hoyell as the first, he only led a wave of attacks and did not play. In this wave of attack, he first successfully completed the three-speed long code conversion, and then connected to the Cecil Shorts completed a 58-yard ball running to reach and afterwards. In the left side of the two points, the short pass of the short pass of the top of the top, and the DEANDRE HOPKINS is not played after 8 minutes.

Then Maret replaced the game, soon entered the state, showing the premiere of the vulgar pass, 11 times of passing the ball 10 successfully got 90 yards, but unfortunately because the ground attack is not strong, Maret has never been Can lead the team to take a score.

Although the two have good performance, the two people have a significant gap, cheap nfl jerseys and cheap china jerseys free shipping Hoyel only gave the first wave of attack, most of the main four-point guard was similar to the first game, but Oubu Ryan clearly said that the next starting will be held by Marlet, indicating that the first dispute between these two people is far from the end.

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