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Haiying coach: May sign back, Yood-Gordon paying attention to Antonio - Brown

After introducing the big player of Safety Wei Jiamal-Adams (Jamal Adams), the Seattle Hawk is still possible to sign other big players.

In an interview, cheap jerseys Pete Carroll said that the team still pays attention to the extensive armor-BROWN, which is currently banned, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Antonio Brown, and an external hand cheap nfl jerseys china of the team's effectiveness for the team - Gob Josh gordon.

When answering questions, Carol did even heard Gordon, but he explained that this is not what he and the team can control.

"This is not what we can control," Carol said. "Johshi is really good for us. He integrates into the team very well. He became a team, not only because of our welcoming, but also because he adapts to the team environment. So we are very acceptable Sign back to his thoughts, we will wait and see what happens. I don't know. I can't tell you what happens in this matter. "

As cheap jerseys for sale Brown, because he trained in the offset period and quaslinson, Russell Wilson, the Hawk is therefore considered to be signed by the outside world. Carol indicates that they are paying attention to Brown and always want to improve lineup strength.

"I will tell you that we have been saying, because this is what we have been doing this, and it is our style," Carol said. "(John Schneider) is working hard every session. Unless we missed, we use every opportunity to understand how much might help us. He is fully engaged. He is as much as you are currently like this. This is a very complicated situation. We just need to see how the future sign is suitable for the team. This is what I can tell you. "

At present, the Hawks have a good DK Metcalf, Tayler Lockett, Tayler Lockett, Tayler Lockett, Taylor (David Moore), and Philip Signed in this year. - Dotip Dorsett.

The recent news about Gordon is in June, when he applied to the alliance to resume the appearance. Last season he was 5 games for the Haiying, followed by indefinitely banned due to violation of the ban due to violation of the ban. This is the fifth time of Gordon 's 8 years.

Brown was banned 8 games last Friday due to many violations of the alliance personal behavior. However, because the alliance has not ended its investigation, Brown may be further banned.

As of now, I want to usher in the big-name external hand Wilson to continue waiting.

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