Employment Background Checks Now Help Protect Your Practice from Identity Theft

Employment background checks may not only help you distinguish between a good employee and a bad one; they may also help protect your practice from identity theft. Identity theft is becoming one of the largest growing crimes in the United States. By safeguarding information and performing employee background checks, a physician and his or her patients may be able to be protected from becoming casualty of identity theft. Identity theft is now called the crime of the new millennium says the Dermatologic Surgery and Florida Society of Dermatology while conducting conference.

Unfortunately for physicians based in offices, they become perfect targets people aiming to steal identity. This is because the offices and physicians not only hold their own personal information, however, hold databases of personal information for thousands of patients. The vice president of operations at Advanced Dermatology Management in Miami, Darlene L. Tomlinson, supported and stated this theory.

Becoming one of the fastest "white-collar crimes," in the United States, identity theft is an unnamed crime and is very effortlessly accomplished, stated Ms. Tomlinson. 750,000 cases of identity theft were reported to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse; perhaps employee background checks are a positive for this mysterious crime.


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