Domain name – An Introduction!

A domain name is a name that identifies one or more IP

address. These are mainly used in URLs to identify particular web page. Domain

names are a key component to a web presence.

Basically, domain names convert the numerical format that

computers use to identify a website into a text based name that is easy for

human users to understand and recall.

The domain registration market is now very competitive

with many thousands of services operating around the world.

Domain names now have many forms known as Top Level

Domain Types or TLD's. The best known TLD remains .com but regional names are a

rapidly growing area such as's

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The various chief type of domain name includes:

.gov - Government agencies

.edu - Educational institutions

.org - Organizations (nonprofit)

.mil - Military

.com - commercial business

.net - Network organizations

.ca - Canada

.th - Thailand

.in- Indian

.info- Information

.COM: - The term

is used for commercial purpose. Domain names with the .com extension are by far

the most popular, and can be purchased by any individual or business. This is

mainly used form personal as well as professional purpose

.NET: - The term is used for network purpose, hence, it

is referred .network. This domain extension was originally designed for

technical related websites. However, domains using this extension can be

registered by anyone.

.ORG: - This is

related to organization. Hence, it is referred as. organization. This is

originally designated for non-profit firms and any other organizations that did

not fit under the .com or .net extension; any individual or business may now

register a .org domain name.

Domain name can also be assigned using country

extensions. Each country has its own domain extension, for example for India it

is "in", for Canada it is "ca", for Japan it is ".jp" etc..

In addition to this, there are other domain names, that

has been designed for specific use only and they are not country specific.

These are only accompained by certain restrictions.

Despite, the above-mentioned categories of domain names,

only the .com, .net and .org are typically the most visible and talked-about

extensions. These are not the only ones available for use. From a functional

perspective, country-level domains work just as well as any TLDs, and

alternative extensions work just as well. Therefore, dont necessarily settle

for a mediocre TLD when you can get a better one using a different extension.

The selection of domain names is a major consideration

when doing business online, and it is often one of the first issues to be

addressed. While a good domain name won't guarantee success, it can have a

positive (or negative) impact on almost every aspect of online business.

A "good" domain is one that is easy to

remember and minimizes confusion. If you are acquiring a name that has the

potential to cause confusion, it is generally recommended that you obtain the

most logical variations This often includes non-hyphenated and hyphenated

variations, along with words that are phonetically similar and common


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