disposable slippers wholesale

I made two types of slippers.

I'll show you the house slippers manufacturer (cnmfg.7sku.com) with holes on the side

and this slipper that can be made simpler is a process shot on the blog.

Download the pattern from my blog. There's a link.

These slippers are 10?" (27cm) size for adults.

You have to make two, so prepare two each.

Lay them in the order of quilted batting, outer (front), and lining (back).

After fixing, sew the V-shaped side line.

Clip seam allowances.

Trim the batting as close to the stitching.

Turn it over between the outer and lining.

Fold the seam allowance twice, wrap it, and sew it together.

Lay two quilted batting for the sole and place the outer(front) on top of them.

Sew in ¼" (0.5cm) from the outer.

Cut the batting.

Mark the part marked on the pattern on the outer fabric.

Fix the instep with the clips in line with the marking line.

Connect it by sewing it inside ¼" (0.5cm).

Lay quilted non-slip fabric on the top. Fix with clips.

Leave about 4" (10cm) of the opening and sew the seam line.

Trim the edge with a 0.5cm(¼") seam allowance.

Turn inside out.

Hand sew to close the opening.

Make one more in the same way and you're done.

Thank you for watching!! ~?

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