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This is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World that is the Great Wall of China and is also considered to be the most ancient Chinese reinforcement. And this wall is extended by 6,700km from east to west. Dish Network now has made things possible and has brought the original features and complete entertainment from the home land to the Chinese people residing in the United States. Dish Network has tried and made things which were not possible and always satisfied the needs of the customer by providing them the basic. Every one does have love towards its own country and also respects their own home land. In the same manner Chinese package that is being introduced by Dish Network where people who are a part of U.S love watching Chinese channels. So this package is named after the Great Wall which is quite famous in China.

Lets take a look towards the packages that are introduced by Dish Network which has much more and great channels which are quite demanding.

This package includes various Mandarin Chinese channel such as CTS, CTV, PTV, TTV, and last but not the least the VIDEO LAND. This package is considered to be famous because it has the latest news with present events, amusement, and children's programming, all this is 100% digital quality and 27 hours a day and it comes to you for just $27.99 per month.

This package includes the most valuable top quality with 100% digital which includes most of the channels which are consider to be a part and parcel of the living channels such as PHOENIX NORTH AMERICA CHINESE CHANNEL, ATV HOME CHANNEL and these channels receive extended coverage from HONG KONG, CHINA, TAIWAN and also from some countries in the ASIAN PACIFIC Region. It includes such as latest movies, TV serial, Sports, and most important News and music.

This package has 6 diverse Mandarin language channels to offer variety of entertainment presented in 100% digital quality, this package includes channels such as ET CHINA, ET DRAMA, ET GLOBAL and also ET NEWS and most important is that these calls are broadcasted from China.

This package includes the top 3 fascinating Mandarin language channels from Taiwan which has channels such as CTS, TTV and CTV this includes latest update and much more.


This package is consider being the most and very important and counted to be the most valuable package with Dish Network, it includes the top 17 channels and all are presented in 100 % digital quality and the top 6 interesting channels from CCTV, 7 provincial channels from the Mainland of China and the other 4 channels are provided by other partners beyond China, and this package just cost you $29.99 per month.

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