Create An Environment For Winning

I recently read a book by noted business and financial gurus who talk about winning environments ... environments where you need to be exceptionally talented, driven and tenacious to succeed.

Sometimes the fastest way to change and improve yourself is to change your environment.

For many years, I have been active in community groups, networking organizations and am constantly investing in my education through courses, night school and even online training. Through these groups and education, I have consistently expanded my context and allowed my reality to expand beyond my up bringing.

I was raised in a middle class family. I was taught to value my university education, strive for a good job that would look after me into my retirement at 65.

From a very early stage in my career, I had other ideas but I was uncertain how to go about it. Everyone around me were in traditional careers and roles so ideas I bounced off people sank like a lead balloon!

How did I change things?

I kept talking to people and networking. Eventually, I started connecting with people who, like me, believed that the old 9-5 sucked. More than that, they wanted early retirement and more time freedom to enjoy while they were young enough to have fun.

What's the message?

For me, persistence is the key. Not talking "you can't do that" for an answer and rather constantly look for the how to do something. Many people will think you are nuts but who cares ... they'll still be working for someone else while you are enjoying the good life. Looking back, who was really nuts ... certainly not you!

From the book, here are some ideas to create powerful environments:

* for your intelligence to grow, go to a library, bookstore or school

* for your health to grow, go to the gym, ride a bike, walk or play more

* for your spirit to grow, find a quiet spot to meditate or go to church

* for your wealth to grow, go places where people are getting rich (real estate office, stockbrokers' office, join an investment group and meet new friends who want to be rich as well

* for your world to expand, visit new places and do things you've never done.

To quote Robert Kiyosaki: "... sometimes the fastest way to change and improve yourself is simply to change your environment."

Make a change. Your success and the success of your business is worth it.

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