Commercial Mortgages and thier Importance

Commercial Mortgages offer:

Customers enjoy commercial mortgage certainty, because of the very close working relationships we have with all of the major underwriting managers of all the major lending institutions across the UK. Lots you will know and some you will never have heard of.

At General Finance Centre, we also aim to be flexible in meeting your needs. Our commercial mortgage options cover:

  • Loans to purchase your business premises
  • Remortgage of your business premises
  • Finance for residential or commercial property development projects
  • Self certification commercial mortgages which means you may not need accounts for your business
  • Credit problems accepted including mortgage arrears, bankruptcies and county court judgements

The General Finance Centre team are able to respond without delay in many situations. In some instances, we have completed high speed commercial bridging applications in within five working days. Our commercial mortgage managers cover the whole of the UK, and subject to being able to assist, we can visit you on your premises within 24 hours.

Finance can be utilised for any business reason, and can be secured against all types of commercial and residential property, or land. Whatever your business, we'll make it ours to finance yours.

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