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Some people think of classic cars as the transport of eccentrics and TV detectives. Others consider them to be glamorous, expensive, and high maintenance status symbols. But the reality is that many classic cars simply do not fit these stereotypes. A classic car is easy to rave about but incredibly hard to define. Who is to say that a cherished Austin A40 in a supermarket car park is less of a Classic Car than a Mark II Jaguar at Ascot? And thats where you need to know what is and isnt classic - it will make a huge difference to your car insurance premium.

Top tips for getting the best deal

* It is widely reported in the motoring press that classic car insurance is far cheaper than a modern car policy but it is important to be vigilant and well informed.

* The condition and scarcity of a classic can vary dramatically, and an owners perception as to the value of his beloved car can often be at odds with his insurers valuation in the event of a claim.

* Search for a specialist insurer, they are more likely to provide specialist assistance and provide a better rate.

* It is vital that you take out a guaranteed agreed valuation when insuring your classic car.

A genuine agreed valuation is the value guaranteed by the insurer should the car be written off or stolen. Make sure you check that your valuation is guaranteed, as some insurers have refused to pay out the full amount, despite the owner believing that they were fully covered.

Insurers may or may not make a small charge for an agreed valuation but it can be a false economy to omit it from your policy if the pay-out on your claim turns out to be hundreds or even thousands less than you thought. So, if you are surprised to learn that insurers consider your beloved 1970s Datsun Cherry a classic, make sure you take care when choosing your car insurance policy!

A car as special as yours deserves a special kind of insurance policy. That's where Peter Best Insurance can help. With over 21 years experience in arranging specialist insurance of classic cars, they are well placed to provide you with classic car insurance quote and guidance in selecting the best policy for your car.

Peter Best Insurance Services Ltd is a specialist insurance broker with over 21 years experience in the collectable cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles markets. The business operates out of two offices in Essex - Maldon is the main office dedicated to classic cars including MGs, Morgan's, 4x4s etc (01621 840400), while Kelvedon has certain car schemes for Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Saab, BMW, for example and classic motorcycles. (01376 573033). Collectable commercial vehicles are also catered for here together with kit cars.

With their interest in the classic market, they have also forged strong connections with many of the car clubs such as the Mercedes Benz Club and the MG Car Club. This enables them to offer discounted premiums to existing club members, providing they can supply their proof of membership.

They have a portfolio of insurers who have created a selection of policies specifically designed with the classic enthusiast in mind. These will offer the best levels of cover at a competitive price.

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