Choosing the Right Envelope for Your Business

Envelopes are the first contact that you would have with a customer or a potential customer if you are to choose a direct mail for advertising your business. Among the different sizes and styles of envelopes, choosing just the right one for your advertisement would be very crucial.

So choosing the precise envelope to represent you business would help you get your message across and contribute to avoid being included among the trash mail. You need to be able to grab and get the attention of your prospective customer to be able to make them open your envelope.

To determine what kind of envelope you would need to use in your business, you need to decide first what you message you want to convey.

If you are sending an invitation to the opening of your store or to an event that is taking place on your store, use an announcement envelope. Booklet envelopes are used if you need to send brochures, catalogs, or annual reports to your customers. Or if you want to send magazines, folders or reports you can use catalog envelopes.

Commercial envelopes are the ones most commonly used for business and is made of the standard #10 envelope. Another variation of this is the window version which could have a single or a double window that allows addresses to peek through and allowing the receiver see inside the mail.

This is the best kind of envelope to use if you are sending a direct mail to your customers and prospective customers alike. It exudes message of confidence and professionalism, exactly what your customers to think about your business. The cost of envelope printing, envelopes as well as the postage should be your driving force to have your envelope be opened.

And since your envelope would be your first interaction with your customer, your envelopes should be printed with your business slogan, name, contact numbers and return address as well. Maximize the use of your envelope without making it look all cluttered up.

You can also opt to use a colored envelope to be able to add more zest to your business stationery. So in envelope printing, choose a company that would be able to understand just what you want to express and would help you in getting your message across.

You can also send a sample of your product with your mail so that the receiver can test your product or include discount coupons with your mail to attract customers avail of your products or services.

If your budget allows it, you can also choose to use large envelopes. Though can be very expensive, using larger sized envelopes would help your mail stand-out among the other mail. Once you decided to use a large envelope, include as many sales material as you can. Maximize the use of the size of the envelope that you chose to use.

The use of drawings or designs or even paste-on dots and other embellishments can add more vitality to your envelope and would surely get the attention that you want.

You can design your envelope according to your budget. Just be sure to leave a blank white space still to avoid the look of untidiness. And make sure that however fun you want your envelope to look like, it would still look professional and that you mean business.

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