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Vic: Playing the red skin is my dream

In June next year, Michael Vick will be 35 years old. Although it is no longer young, Victor still believes that he has the ability to become the main four-point guard, lead the team to advance. In this week's interview, he issued a view on his future.

Vik said: "I am willing to talk to all the teams alliance, will not reject any team. I hope that I can get a chance again in 2015. I look forward to keeping the game." Currently, the current Ke is likely to leave New York jet after the season. Whether it is Vik or Kino-Smith, I can't satisfy the team, they hope to find a reliable and stable quadruple. Vik revealed in the interview, I hope the future can be played cheap nfl jerseys free for sale Washington.

As a Virginian, Victor said: "That is my hometown, where playing will make me very excited. I said, I am willing to join any team of victory, but returning home is my most expectation, I The dream is to play wholesale nfl jerseys for sale red skin. But I don't like the feeling of dream break, so I don't want to consider this. "

Dreams are very full, and the reality is very cruel. With the current level of Victor, there is almost no group to give this opportunity to give this old. Victor has said that he has to have a defensive coordinator one day. Perhaps the current Vic and this dream is more close.

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