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A portrait painted by an artist's hand is regarded as a luxury thing. On the other hand a portrait of your friend, relative or sweetheart can be not only a pleasant thing but also a good investment of your money. Nevertheless looking for a portrait painter it is not enough just to have a definite amount.

A person who needs a handmade painting has to arm himself with wish and patience. Before you find a painter who is able to create right what you want, you will need to visit a big number of studios. But there is another way. You can just order a portrait made by Canvaz's painter.

Painters themselves state that portrait is the most complicated genre of fine arts. Sometimes it is easier and more remunerative for them to paint a dozen of small studies than one portrait, even if it will be expensive. One thing is to paint a landscape and to give a free interpretation of reality. The other thing is to see a person, to perceive his inner life, his character and to hold his recognizability. Nevertheless, a lot of painters confess that portrait painting is their favorite genre.

Modern painters have two ways of working on client's portrait: from nature and from photo. When ordering a portrait don't ask an artist to paint a 'Michelangelo style' portrait or 'Rembrandt style' portrait, etc. If you insist on such a work you will be turned down. It is better to dispose yourself to a constructive dialog. Express your opinion, propositions, ask for advice concerning your appearance for example. Nowadays old-fashioned style is popular. But by request you can be painted wearing anything you want or even wearing nothing.

Portrait painters mention that a person should be prepared before he sees his final portrait. Sometimes people are shocked seeing themselves not like they see in the mirror, but like they really are. But artists claim that portrait is your real face.

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