Black and Deckers DCM18S Brew n Go Personal Coffeemaker Review

Black and Deckers DCM18S Brew n Go Personal Coffeemaker is the working persons dream. Its not only quick and easy to use, but it doesnt leave you with all that extra coffee still sitting in the pot when you get home waiting to be cleaned out. There are plenty of single cup coffee makers out there though. What makes this one worth your hard earned dollar?

The coffee maker comes with a built in stainless steel travel mug, fifteen ounces or roughly the same as a Grande at Starbucks that it brews directly into. The bottom is tapered to fit most any cup holder your vehicle might have. Its ding proof, and best off all rinses out without a problem.

The Coffeemaker itself is a slick dishwasher safe plastic with a built in permanent filter, meaning no more messy paper filters, and works great for heating hot water up for tea, hot chocolate, a hot breakfast or whatever else you might think of. It brews in seconds, so theres no more waiting around for the steady drip to start up when youre in a hurry. And the clean up is almost non-existent. If you dont have the time one day its not going to hurt to wait until tomorrow.

Its also an inexpensive machine, available on Amazon or similar sites for less than $20 and for that price youll save the money on filters alone in a year or so. Its a perfect fit for students, busy office workers, and anyone on the go. The point is that you only have to brew one cup at a time though, so if youre a swing back as many as I can before lunch type of coffee drinker, stick with your traditional brewing machine.

Dont forget that its a simple machine too. There are no programmable options or fancy things you can do with your coffee. Its straightforward and simple, the way people on the go need it. But, for those that do need it on the go youre not going to find a much better machine to keep you caffeinated. You can simply wake up throw in your coffee and put your mug in the slot, go take a shower, come back and have your hot steaming coffee ready to go, with no leftovers and no mess. Now, if only the drive to work youre about to commence could be so simple.

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