Bagels: Healthier Than Doughnuts

Which one do you believe to be healthier, a doughnut or a bagel?

Over the years doughnuts have been given a bad name of being fattening and unhealthy but are bagels just as bad?

Know it is proven that doughnuts are better than bagels as you will see that over the past couple years bagels have super-sized to the extreme. Some bagels are three times larger than doughnuts not matter what the sugar content is.

Here is an example:

Glazed Doughnut Dunkin Plain Doughnut

Serving Size 1 Doughnut 1 Bagel
Calories 180 340
Calories from Fat 70 25
Total Carbohydrates 25g 67g
Total Fat 8g 2.5g
Saturated Fat 1.5g .5g

As you can see you can almost eat two glazed doughnuts to equal one dunkin plain doughnut in calories. Second thing is its amazing how much carbohydrates the people cram into one bagel.

Plus, with cream cheese on our bagel it is about another 200 calories making the bagel itself more breakfast than someone needs.

Knowing that a single small bagel yields approximately 40 grams of carbs and a large one can yield up to 75 grams - this is too many carbs for some fitness competitors in one sitting. Even though bagels are low in fat, the high carb content is something we need to consider when trying to limit carbs to 1.5-2 grams per pound of body weight daily.
Bagels are bigger than ever, with what was once a standard bagel, about 2 ounces, now labeled as a "mini." Supermarket bagels are nearly 4 to 6 ounces, and many bakery bagels are even larger to 12 ounces. Plus the cream cheese of course.

Is their any hope in eating bagels for a fast and healthy breakfast when time is short and making a delicious nutritionist breakfast out of the question?

Bagel Healthy Tips:

1) Choose whole wheat, oatmeal or rye - These bagels have the lowest glycemic rate for breads that will have them with you longer to avoid going to fat.

2) Low-fat cream cheese - By selecting a healthier cream cheese it will help keep the fat amount to a minimum.

3) Small or Medium - Bagels have been super sized so look for the bagels that are small or medium size. (Bagel = 4oz)

4) No added sugar - Bagels seem like the healthier choice but now they are coming out with bagels with added sugar. Thats mean even more calories.

5) Yes to protein - Mix some protein in with a bagel to slow the digestion process longer for more energy and longer satisfaction.

Last, I wanted to add really quick that bagels has made the list for "Top Ten Foods That Make You Fatter" that was created by some of the worlds greatest fitness professionals. But you must remember anything in moderation is ok, so be careful when you eat foods like bagels that are compacted carbs.

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Have a good day and God bless!

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