As Human Beings We Are Social Creatures…

Unfortunately I see other teachers use that as an excuse to further keep men repressed; without their own awareness.

The problem with being a 'social' creature today is that being social now represents the great hierarchical power game of influence, coercion and conditioned repression.

The true meaning of social is open, pure interdependence and exchange of value based on mutual respect for anothers independence.

We used to be more open, respectful and social like this.

Part of Europe such as small towns where everyone knows each other and can share quality time together; that's interdependence. That's being social.

Now with the power of the 'social matrix' which is just a moneygame of profit, people are either forced to adapt or risk being considered an outcast.

Ironically it's the outcasts who succeed the most with women and also have moved over to being role models of the social matrix because they realized it was profitable.

We have icons of a more violent and abusive nature now rather than the true gentlemen that we used to have.

Being 'social' means you give into the demands of the subculture or society itself in exchange for a loss of (in this case) all kinds of personal power.

Men by default are at the bottom of the social hierarchy, with the sexiest women at the top. Yet above the women are the power players; the ones orchestrating the whole thing and exploiting women as the conditional stimulus for men to behaviorally 'respond' to.

This builds up the fantasy even more within the men and pushes them further down the social hierarchy.

If being 'social' was truly based on equality and respect, men and women would be equal. There wouldn't be all of this manipulation of power and suppression going on.

So should you just not be 'social' and be an outcast who doesn't care?

Fortunately there is an answer but by default, most men don't live it.

You have to look at relational dynamics for an answer. The reason men are powerless around these women is because of the type of relationship they have with social power itself.

They have been the conditioned responsed to the stimuli the 'powers' are promoting.

If instead they were truly independent and would not ever accept a relationship of disempowerment and suppression, they would have a completely different relationship to
this programming.

They would be independent so they could stop the bullets of influence (ala Matrix) and choose the type of relationship they have.

They could turn off the influence completely and see it for what it really is. Then, they wouldn't let it control or suppress them anymore. They would only accept win/win
relationships instead of continuing to be programmed and suppressed by letting others have power over them.

Everything would change from that point forward.

Accepting that we are 'social creatures' is now the root of your demise. It's not your inner game or personality that's the problem. It's the type of relationship you have with society and the social powers (including the sexploitation of women).

So when a man can change his relation reality so that he only accepts equal exchange of value relationships, he will finally have power and will then be equal to all power itself.

Now he can be fearless of the attributes these sexy women represent because he just was in the wrong relational dynamic (social) in the first place.

Now he actually CAN be social by having interdependent (win/win) relationships with other people of power and beauty. He can actually be their equal.

Celebrities won't open up to you when you're admittedly 'below them' in the social hierarchy but when you're their equal and unafraid of them, you can make a connection because of the relational approach you took.

Be the equal to power itself instead of under it as you've been conditioned and you will then be powerful yourself.

You just have to reframe your relationships to all sources of power and accept that you have the power in the first place. The opposite of ignorance is cognition. I encourage you to see the light and break free from the social oppression that you've been conditioned to believe.

Don't be a pawn. Be equal to the powerful and beautiful women you desire and then you can connect with them and be TRULY social.

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