Article Writing, Where Have All The Topics Gone

Have you ever had the urge to sit down and write? I mean you intend to write until your fingers cry out for mercy. Then you sit down, all ready to go and wham! Everything shuts down. You do not even know what topic to write about.

A few minutes ago a one thousand word article was in your view. You are a seasoned writer. Your writing prowess has conquered many topics over the years. What has happened? Where are the skills? Why have the tools you have cultivated throughout the years suddenly abandoned you?

Writers block or no, you attempt to launch out on your topic. You have already written articles about all the subjects you know best. Often two or three times from different angles, and you cannot use any of those subjects again. You face deadlines!

Research is not the problem. Things will click once you get going. All you need is a new topic for your next article, and you will be able to knock out a good one. How do you come up with a new subject? The best thing to do is let the topic come to you. Let it strike you in the head. In order to do this successfully, you cannot think about it too hard.

One great way to come up with topics is the old fashioned process of reading the newspaper. Pour over all the sections. There will be some story that grabs your interest. Some subject you have never heard of before. Or maybe you have one that has been dormant at the back of your mind for a few weeks.

Many times the newspaper article will provide all the facts you need to pop out an entire article of your own. If not, it will not take long to do a little research in Google to find the missing pieces.

Another way to find new topics is to read magazines and books for pleasure. Cash in on the ideas that strike you while reading. Your mind makes associations and sees things in new ways when it is relaxed by reading.

Let your mind wander. Sometimes by purposefully pursuing this mind wandering, you can come up with several topics you have never thought of writing about before. You find yourself enthusiastic about writing your new article and effortlessly write it out. You may even end up with a list of new topics that will keep you busy for a few weeks.

You can also observe products while food shopping. There are always plenty of items for sale. Fads are also good to write about because they tie into the current mindset of society. That area will always interest people.

Talk about people being interested, they always love it when you write about an old worn subject but you inject a new twist. They enjoy creative thinking so let those creative juices flow.

Browse the how to websites. There is plenty of interesting fodder on those sites. You would be pleasantly surprised at the material you will find on those sites.

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