An Abundant, Yet a Scarce Resource

There are four primary factors of production; this includes capital, labor, resource, and the entrepreneur, one being dependent with the other, and as indispensable as any other factor. Yet among these factors of production, the one most often considered as least important using as a basis the benefits and attention given to it is labor.

The irony is that, our present laws give high regard to labor, considering the same as a primary social economic force. The fact is, the state even imposes upon itself the duty to fervently protect the rights or workers, and the promotion of their welfare. Yet, notwithstanding this safety net afforded to the workforce, the sad fact remains: These group of people in the society are often discriminated against and are in a constant uphill battle against oppression and marginalization.

Affording full protection to labor in organized or unorganized establishment, and the establishment of full employment and equal employment opportunities is a staple in every civilized society. Guaranteed rights of workers to include: the right to self organization, peaceful concerted acts, the right to strike in consonance with law, collective bargaining agreement, security of tenure, living wage, and humane conditions of work are only some of the safety provisions promoting a workmans welfare. Despite these array of rights explicitly contained under our laws, some if not all of industries which are labor-intensive do not afford said benefits. Adding insult to injury, these production-based employees are even strapped in a hostile employment environment making their situation much more degrading and unwanted.

In a situation where an employees rights are not afforded, the occurrence of antagonistic relationship between labor and management is not an uncommon picture. Hence, in an aim of avoiding to sacrifice a stand-off in production, the promotion of shared responsibility and the use of voluntary modes in settling brewing disputes are necessary.

Labor is indeed an abundant resource, consequently, due to its increasing supply, the cheaper it is to acquire the same. So cheap in fact that even if not all the standard rights are afforded, still many individuals would readily accept any employment offer. Couple this fact with the growing incidence of poverty, and then what you have is an industry that caters more to the interest of the owners of the means of production, than those who use manpower to produce the same. As a result of this dichotomy, the fact of having abundant labor is a truism, but then again, despite the abundance of labor and the absence of the appropriate benefits afforded to them, quality labor is scarce.

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