Achieve Success By Facing Obstacles And Learning Nature’s Lessons

As I was boarding my flight to Jakarta, my mind was on a conversation I had the previous day with one of my participant who is also a good friend.

He was exasperated as he told me of his predicament. One of his business competitors was causing problems for him. He was spreading malicious rumors about his company that it is about to hit bankruptcy, thus he is not capable of providing the necessary services which comes with the products that he sold.

At first, my friend did not give much attention to the issue, but things were getting worse. The problems caused by this person were getting more serious, and my friend was beginning to lose some of his big clients. As his industry is a niche industry regulated by laws, the rumors were also reaching the relevant authorities. It is now becoming a bigger headache for my friend.

I was quiet, listening to him. As he finished, he said that he was angry and feels like doing something. However, he was quick to add that he was aware of the working of Nature's Laws that everything is happening for some reasons. But he acknowledged the difficulty in handling the situation. At this point, I said to him that if he were to do what his business rival did, then there would be no difference between him and the other chap. I just asked him to calm down first, and then think.

If something has happened, then it has to happen. As he was about to reply to that, in a firm tone I said that it is not whether what was happening is right or wrong, but it has happened, then it must happen! It is what Nature or God, or whatever that you want to call the great force that creates and sustains life, wants the event to take place. "First, accept it!", I said. Then try to see the lessons that Nature is teaching. It may be difficult at first but eventually you would learn something. If you are going to be angry and upset about it then the lesson would be lost! Then, the whole process would repeat again until you learn your lessons.

Then I continued that Nature's Laws would take its own course. The Law Of Energy Returns Back to Source, in other words, "What Goes Around, Comes Around." The chap who is going around spoiling your name would eventually be dealt with by Nature, as such this is not what you should be worried about.

"It is you my friend. How are you going to handle yourself in this situation? Nature is building a YOU, character wise, your intuition, ability to handle difficult situation and so on. The only way it is going to do this is by giving you OBSTACLES. All you have to do is PRESERVE, stand tall and face this problem head on and solve. As you are doing that you would learn your lessons and ultimately become a better person in terms of knowledge, experience and awareness!".

He was quiet after listening to me. I felt he was calmer and I proceeded to tell him to handle one problem at a time. I said, "First make an appointment with the government agency that oversees his field and tell them of your company and let them know that your company is alright and you are determined to give the best in your services. Then approach your clients and let them know of the same. BUT never ever mention anything negative about the other chap. You just concentrate on what you are doing and let nature take care of the rest!"

As I said this, he confessed he felt somewhat better and calmer, and he said he would heed my advice. He thanked me, wishing me a good holiday.

As I boarded my flight, I made a mental note to call him once I am back.

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