About Miao Xiaochun – A Chinese Artist

Miao Xiaochun was born on 1964 in Born in Wuxl, Jlangsu, China. Miao Xiaochun's works from his student life in Kassel Art College is sits, stands or lies in recognizably Central European surroundings such as an airport, a factory, a phone booth, in the Wilhelmshöhe park above Kassel, or "As a guest of German friends" (1999).

Miao Xiaochun sees it as a symbol of classical Chinese culture, which he describes as a brilliant and powerful period lasting from the Han (206 BC - 9 AD) to the Song Dynasty (960 - 1276). Various features of the figure's clothing and hair-style stem from this long stretch of time. Miao Xiaochun is renowned for his photographs of contemporary China, vast cityscapes which record technological development, painting an alien view of his homeland and envisioning a new dynastic era. Miao Xiaochun deal with the temporal, visual and conceptual dimension of photography. He resists those universal features of medium that generally involve the search for and the capturing of moments, and the tension between observer and observed.

Miao Xiaochun has built a virtual model of the Apocalypse, architecturally structuring the tiers of Christian afterlife. Replacing each of the 400 figures in Michelangelos iconic work with his own image and placing them in corresponding pose and position to the original painting, Miao photographs the scene from various vantages, documenting the Second Coming from viewpoints both within and outside of the scene. Miaos images involve the viewer by casting them as avatars within the action. Presenting his scenes at obscure angles, Miao positions the viewer as seraphs, saints, or in the case of The Below View, the damned.

Selected Exhibitions:-

2006 * A) VIEWPOINT, WHITE SPACE, Beijing, China * B) Image Imagination, Osage contemporary at space, Hong Kong * C) A Birdview, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China * D) The Last Judgement in Cyberspace, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin / Beijing, Berlin,Germany * E) Miao Xiaochun: The last Judgement in Cyberspace, Walsh Gallery, Chicago

2004 * A) Phantasmagoria, Walsh Gallery, Chicago * B) A Visitor from the Past, Epson Photogallery, Shanghai - Beijing, China

2002 * Linger, Gallery Urs Meile, Lucerne, Switzerland

2001 * From East to West and back to East, Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

1999 * Kulturbegegnungen, Gallery Stellwerk, Kassel, Germany

1994 * Beijing Art Museum; Shanghai Art Museum, China

1992 * National Museum of Chinese History, Beijing, China

1991 * Beijing Art Museum, Beijing, China

1988 * Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Conclusions: In Miao Xiaochun Photographic works is a figure looking like a sage, or an official from Ancient China, who processes the artist's facial features. He had already exhibited some of good arts in his own style and the impact of the work had won him a strong reputation in Chinese art circles

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