A Real Solution to Overcoming Fear of Beautiful Women

Why do we have this fear of beauty in the first place? I used to have it around the most beautiful of women and I know it's very real but I've overcome it effectively (behaviorally) and no other guru taught me what the real answer was.

There has to be a REAL solution to overcoming this fear; after all, it's the fear and the behavioral representation of it that is the main reason men don't get anywhere with women, whether they're using pick up lines or not.

Fortunately there is a real solution to overcoming fear of sexy and beautiful women.

It's not 'inner game'

It's not self-affirmation

It's not getting rid of your self-limiting beliefs

It's not NLP

It's not hypnosis

It's not personal authority

It's not pretending she's not as hot as she looks

It's not 'positive thinking'

It's not approaching 1,000 women to get over the fear

It's not in hyping yourself up to approach

It's not in leveraging your strengths in other areas to approach

It's not body language techniques or exercises

It's none of those answers. The fear is still there.

You see, the behavioral fear we have of beautiful, sexy and independent women is real. Their behavior is very real. You can't have an ineffective, logical or conscious solution for
real change.

The answer lies in BE-havior and that we/you were ignorant to female behavior.

You just can't 'act' around them because they know where you're coming from. Your true relationship to them is already defined.

No matter how you try to justify it logically or conscious, the neural pathways are already connected to strongly to form your true relationship to her.

Your body language is subconsciously broadcasting how you really feel about her; that's she's way outside of your reality even if she just has the same attributes of cover models.

It doesn't matter what you say, you're nowhere close to your true power or ability to get women to massively respond to you.

You have to BE natural in all of your behavior and communication if you really want women crazy for you. Acting won't do it because women 'know' and their intuition is strong.

You have to extend beyond all of the logic of consciousness and you have to have something as strong as a solution that got you into the nonverbal representation that you're in.

Ok, so you WANT a solution to be comfortable in your own skin around the sexiest and beautiful women yet you also know that none of those solutions above have worked for lasting change.

What is the true, guaranteed way to overcome fear of women and the power of their beauty?

It's actually quite simple. No one taught me, no one showed me. I figured it out alone but it's the strongest and fastest way to lasting behavioral change around power and beauty.

Those other techniques are surface solutions and some can only make the fear worse.

The answer comes down to relational dynamics. To overcome fear of power, sexiness and beauty you have to first realize the secret to women.

You've been grounded in the wrong models of female sexuality your entire life. That's why you have problems. In America, we have Inner Alpha and Social Alpha female models of sexuality
and behavior.

What's missing is 'the secret' and your key to fill in all the missing blanks. The secret to women (as I show you on my website) is a woman's natural alpha character.

We don't have natural alpha's in our entire adult behavioral reality. That's why everything is so screwed up.

You've thought a woman's sexuality was sexploitation; the cover girl showing skin and flaunting herself. WRONG.

That's a woman's socially adaptive behavior.

It's behaviorally conditioned you to be the response to the stimulus of women. Add some alone time in your fantasy world and the amount of emotional attribution to this model of sexuality and these women become a fantasy.

You're in the wrong relationship to them the whole time and without your knowledge, your brain was forming stronger neural pathways from your conscious into your subconscious which in turn created your nonverbal (subconscious) behavior around them and women with the same attributes.

The million dollar secret (you're welcome) is to put a natural alpha as your model of sexuality (because that's what it really is anyways). Ground yourself in the natural relational dynamic
and have emotional attribution to the natural power and sexuality of a woman and you will build new neural pathways.

Your behavior will start to change and you'll be more comfortable around power and beauty. Another way to accelerate this is through applying Alpha Relational Dynamics and realizing what these root behavioral characteristics of these powerful women mean and seeing the type of relationship you have to it.

This training and the natural grounding/cultivating cognition of natural alpha female behavior I see as the only real way for men to have a real solution.

Why? Every other solution is ignorant to the truth of relational dynamics and female behavior; where it came from and what it means.

You itself aren't the problem; your inaccurate relationship, ignorance and ignorant conditioning (from others) were the problem.

To further understand how to overcome fear of female behavior and actually have them truly responding to you, then look into my materials further.

For no charge you can see on my website (yes visually) what the secret to women is. I show you a natural alpha model and how you can start making the greatest change of your life for real

It's time for power, respect and great relationships with these beautiful women that you were previously afraid of instead of living in ignorance, fear, desperation and confusion.

Step into the light and you'll have a power that few men have around these women. Live the reality instead of the fantasy.

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