A cheaper way to discover the Pacific islands. Visit Saipan

For some Europeans, Hawaii and Tahiti might seem too remote places. However, in order to discover the Pacific tropical islands and the Polynesians you dont have to pay that much. One thing you can do is to choose Saipan as your travel destination. This island belongs to the Marianas archipelago and is a part of the USA territory.

The Saipan island is included in the Guinness World Records list as having the most steady average annual and the 24-hour temperatures. It is summer here 12 months a year - it is no wonder, therefore, that Saipan welcomes tourists all year round. Thanks to its warm climate, fresh air and clear water, Saipan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Exotics and the choice of attractions here are almost the same as in the Hawaii islands. At the same time, the prices are lower. Moreover, local nature was preserved almost perfectly here in a condition in which it was when discoverers reached the place in the 16th century. When stepping on the islands soft sand, one of them probably exclaimed: "That is what the real island for people must be like!" Since then, Saipan is called "the best place for people in the Pacific Ocean". However, those are only Japanese people who usually call it like that - they make up the larger part of tourists who prefer spending their vacations here. But that just proves the fact that Saipan is a heavenly place, as the Japanese tourists are considered to be the most discerning ones in the world.

The best way to get to Saipan is to travel through Tokyo, Taipei or Seoul whereas the shortest and the most economic way to reach Saipan is to go through Singapore. The other advantage of going to the place is that you need not a visa to get there, even though the Marianas islands belong to the USA territory. Tourists who are going to spend two weeks in Saipan can therefore do without this document.

Saipan citizens mostly get their money thanks to tourism and clothes factories while the other industries are almost not developed. The state monetary unit is a US Dollar. Travel cheques in dollars are taken almost everywhere except for the most remote islands. There are also commercial banks in Saipan, Rota and the Tinian.

Saipan offers lots of inexpensive hotels and pension houses right in the oceanfront. A two-bedroom apartment might cost $45-60. Note that the level of service is a truly American one. In case a tourist is ready to spend a bit more ($80-100 per night), he can find his accommodation in a magnificent Hyatt Regency Saipan complex, with a huge swimming pool, a restaurant with delicious French cuisine as well as a great choice of water sports. Those who are fond of golf will find a 18-hole golf court here that overlooks a beautiful ocean breakers. There are also grounds and courts for football players. In addition to this, Saipan coastal waters are crystal clear and full of sea life, so diving with or without an aqualung will be a real pleasure for you.

In the evenings, there are performances organized by local people - Chamorros, on the beaches. They dance their Polynesian dances, juggle with torches alight, and sing their cheerful songs. What is most pleasant is that they dont take money for it, but do that just for their own pleasure. No commerce!

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