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Pirates coach bluntly DeShawn Jackson - come wholesale jerseys for sale the money

This off-season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers have good signings, all this from signing DeShawn - Jackson (DeSean Jackson) started, cheap jerseys free shipping although already 30 years old, but Jackson still maintained a league of great depth type wide receiver threat.

But Jackson signed a three-year contract the team paid 33.5 million dollars, of which $ 20 million is to protect the gold.

A lot of money, so the team's coaching staff need to understand whether the new season, this person can bring something to the team. Thursday US time team offensive coordinator Todd - Mount Ken (Todd Monken) to Jackson sent a strong message.

Todd said in an interview: "I told him," We have to pay you so much money, and wholesale jerseys free shipping hopes to get a good player contract requires you to do what you can do to prove your worth to us, if you and the first three years of Derek - Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter), we have no reason to continue to pay you. We need you to become a great player, you know? "That's why we give you money reasons."

In fact on the issue of signing Jackson pirates management group and without any hesitation, they signed Jackson for the first time, because if they do not sign will be behind the team to keep up.

Jackson last season averaged 17.9 yards per reception can advance, which is ranked third in the league data. Jackson had five seasons to complete at least 1,000-yard catch.

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