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Lion coach Patrimia: Currently, only care about the future

In the last 5 games, I eat the fourth defeated war, the handsome of Matt Patricia became the topic of foreign concern.

Before the Lion 25-41, the cheap nfl jerseys online TV network reporter Ian RapoPort reported that if the lion will make the ball again, then the handsome meeting of Patrimia will Not stable.

The lions started with 3 wins and 3 losses, but the current record is only 4 wins and 7 losses. As a leader of the team, the Patriman University will certainly ask his future after losing the ball.

"The focus of my attention is the people in the locker room and work as much as possible to help these players succeed," said Patrimia. "In addition to this, there is really nothing, I don't consider things other than this, in addition to helping everyone succeed and try to make our team, I don't care about other things. In addition to these things, our eyes are placed On the short target, pay attention to the task of the hand. "

During being asked, he expected to continue to serve as a coach in the next game against Chicago Bear, Paturix reiterated his choice to pay attention to the current instead of the future.

"I only care about one day. This will not change," he said.

Before the start of this season, Bob Quinn, Bob Quinn, was given a clear goal: Let the lion still have a playoffs in December. At present, the lions are getting farther and farther away cheap jerseys from china this goal.

In November, the lions got 71 points, but the opponent got 122 points. They differ in two digits, and they are zero in 0-20 when the Calorleon panther is blocked when the Black Panthers of the Carolina is zero. The lion lineup is less than a shortcoming of the abstament of the leader.

Compared to the changing hands of the Houston Texas, cheap nfl jerseys online the playback of the lion is disappointing. Perhaps the same replacement coach can change their destiny.

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