5 Tips To Help You Get Out Of Debt Quickly

If you're determined to be debt free, these 5 Effective debt reduction techniques will help you achieve it.

Busy working lives can lead to convenient meal choices at lunch time. Many people buy their lunch from delis, sandwich bars, fast food restaurants or coffee bars. You can easily spend $10 a day on this. Coffee, sandwich and a piece of fruit or a pastry doesn't sound much but ad it up over a week. $50? $60? More? Sure, great if you're not in debt but if you are and you're struggling to pay your debts, this is another easy way to save money. Make your own lunch - come on, how long does it take to make a sandwich and pack it in a lunch box with a piece of fruit and a small carton of juice?

A savvy way of making what you've got but rarely use help you earn some extra cash: Clear out your junk but don't throw it away, have it make some money. Have a garage sale, a car boot sale, or place items for sale on ebay. Cash converter stores may also be worth a visit. Use the cash to pay off debt on a loan that incurs the most interest and make it work for you by saving on the interest.

Use the Internet to compare online offers with high street offers. From online banking, credit card offers, savings accounts to home insurance, car insurance and health insurance, you can receive significant discounts and incentives for buying these online. There are now many comparison sites in all of these areas so you can see on a single site where you can find the best deals.

Save on your house fuel bills. Turn the thermostat down a notch, have the timer on for an hour less each day, make sure you have insulation so you save energy, install energy efficient light bulbs and don't leave lights turned on when you don't need them. Be smart with telephones, cut down on the amount of calls you make and only use the telephone when you have a need to. For mobiles, switch to pay as you go and only use it if you absolutely have to. Most mobile calls are for idle chit-chat and gossiping, and this non-essential chatter can burn a hole in your pocket. Again, compare all providers for call and text deals and don't be loyal to any single network.

Don't be fooled by the insurance policies many lenders offer as part of their credit cards and loans. These "payment protection" policies can gobble up more of your hard earned money. And they won't cover you in certain cases, such as illness or if you're a contract worker. If you do want protection cover, take it out with an independent company and you'll get a policy that will protect you for far less than you'd get from your lender.

You can get out of debt quickly and without going into more debt by making the most of the money you have. Use the above tips as often as you can and you'll reap big rewards.

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